Recent MeetingPal updates and plans for the future

At MeetingPal, we are constantly working on improving the app so it may serve the users better.


The big three

Three major functionalities have been added to the MeetingPal app over the last few months.


The first is the ability to integrate Zoom. When you join a meeting via Zoom, MeetingPal automatically renames the attendees with their listed names and unit numbers. We have also been reviewing the front-end redesign on Apple and android, making it easier to use via a few key user experience improvements.


Finally, when setting up a special resolution and relating to conduct rules, we have added a feature that allows for a reason to be stated when someone votes ‘no’. This is important because if and when you decide to approach CSOS for reprieve, you need the reasons for voting ‘no’ on special resolutions.


Wow factor

The reason trustees and managing agents love using MeetingPal is because it’s super easy to use and the feature they tend to love the most is the fact that it immediately calculates voting results after votes have been casted, both in value and percentage.

What makes MeetingPal unique – and a little-known fact – is that the app does to require users to be on specific back-end or accounting system (like Pastel) which means it also works really well for self-managed schemes. As you don’t need an accounting package to set up meetings and conduct voting procedures, you can simply use and upload an Excel sheet.


Basically, it will take you only 15 minutes to set up a meeting and it’s easy to run. To ensure that you are never left high and dry, we offer support services to help new portfolio managers and we also offer back-end support to run open and close voting. Surprisingly, one of our most popular support services is to take minutes during the meeting!


As far as pricing is concerned, people expect a fully developed app with all this functionality to be expensive – and it’s not. MeetingPal has conducted lots of research to assess a fair value and based on that offers three pricing options: per use, per token, or corporate subscription.


The future

In the near future, around 3-6 months, we are planning on extending the management of proxies. Currently proxies happen externally and the managing agent is relied upon to keep proxies and store it safely.


As we already provide a repository where we store voting outcome and the attendance registers, we can extend this to include the capturing of proxies into MeetingPal. The plan is to provide clients with one link which will provide full access to the scheme’s records, and where proxies and other supporting documents may be added.


We also want to extend the app’s ability to include proxy votes with specific instructions on how to vote, along with the ability to confirm with proxy holders that the vote was casted as per their instructions.


MeetingPal – keeping our fingers on pulse of the industry.


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