MeetingPal offers a suite of features and benefits allowing the user to perform a range of tasks relating to community scheme meetings and the management of voting procedures.

Set agenda

The agenda will be sent together with the meeting invitation to your database and is available to the attendees as part of their normal app interface. Additional agenda items can easily be added before or during the meeting and can be distributed to all attendees instantly.

Manage any kind of meeting

Whether it is an AGM, SGM, trustee meeting or round robin resolution, each type of meeting with its own rules and regulations can be accommodated.

Schedule meetings

Scheduling a meeting is as simple as adding a title, description and objective along with a date and time.

Upload and send invites

There is no need to manually capture your list of invitees with names, PQ values, email addresses, etc. as the database can be uploaded easily. All you need is an Excel spreadsheet with the levy and PQ calculations.

Quorum calculation

As invitees sign in and join the meeting, the system automatically calculates the PQ values and number of attendees, making it easy for the chairman to determine a quorum status.

Attendee register

Each invitee has to register themselves and create their own password to secure their profile. As members sign in and join a meeting, the attendance register is automatically signed and a live roll call is conducted. Only authorised and invited persons will be able to attend and sign in.


Managing proxies: MeetingPal has been configured to manage proxies effectively. As per the STSM Act, any person attending a meeting may only hold two proxies. The app automatically manages this by limiting the number of proxies per person in compliance with the Act.


Defining resolutions: As the STSM Act requires resolution to be well-defined, MeetingPal allows for explicit definitions. Amendments can also be made easily and new resolutions can be added at any time before voting commences with no limit to the number or resolutions that can be added.

Voting outcomes

Once voting closes, the results are immediately displayed to all attendees on their dashboard, both in number and value.

Electronic records

MeetingPal keeps records of all voting results for all our clients for a period of six years.