Hybrid body corporate meetings: The way of the future

Online meetings are here to stay. The pandemic has forced us to conduct meetings online and for many this is now the preferred method of meeting. It certainly removes some of the barriers to attending body corporate meetings as members no longer have an excuse relating to travelling, traffic or being out of town. 

Post-lockdown it also means that members can have hybrid meetings where those who prefer to meet in person can do so and others can log in via a mobile device or laptop.

Hybrid meetings

While we are starting to meet in person again, MeetingPal offers members the option to attend any community scheme’s meeting from anywhere in the world if they are unable to attend in person. The flexibility to host hybrid meetings means that more people will be able to attend and that the meeting is more likely to reach a quorum. In addition, being able to attend meetings virtually will result in saving time and expenses associated with driving to the location of the meeting. 


As with any online meeting platform such as Zoom, Skype, Teams and Google, the use of any mobile app or online device involves a learning curve and requires an onboarding process. To allow the owners to familiarise themselves with MeetingPal’s voting tool, MeetingPal offers a dry run or test meeting a few days prior to the scheduled meeting, as well as online demonstrations for those who have never used the app before.

Less admin, less stress, less costs

With MeetingPal there is no need to print voting cards ever again. Whether your meeting is being held online, in-person, or a combination (hybrid), all attendees can use their mobile devices to participate in the voting process. Not only will quorum calculations be done automatically as attendees sign in on the app, voting results will be displayed transparently and the results calculated correctly according to each attendee’s participation quota (PQ). 

Administration tasks that often become necessary during meetings such as amending the wording on a resolution, adding nominations from the floor, and voting on separate items can easily be done during meetings with MeetingPal.

Finally, for MeetingPal’s minimal cost, usage of this revolutionary app is more affordable than you might think. Large bodies corporates will also no longer need to hire meeting venues at an additional cost.

For further information, speak to a consultant or book a demonstration via the website.